lørdag 13. august 2011

The most beautiful T3 I've ever seen!

I have seen a lot of them, the VW transporters T1, T2 og T3. All variants and conditions the latest 10 years. But the T3 I saw in the Bussfest Meeting south of Jököping this summer is the really a diamond!

The car is owned by Nils. And I was so lucky to get known to Nils this summer. I got the story about his nice 1988 VW T3 Magnum. I would also call it a coach. But thsi car is so much more, it's also a multivan with about 300.000 km on the wheels. But you cannot see it: The Nils-T3 is completely restored (but Nils means that it is still some work to do, well, well)!

This T3 has the latest years been reconditioned to a seldom high standard; in some way better than "as new". The repainted original colour was professionally made, and very special.

And the engineroom was also very nice og wellworked. Nils (see picture above) had upgraded his T3 from a 1,6 TD JX-diesel engine to a 1,9 diesel engine.

Well, Nils. I write this words about your car as my special regard to you, and my readers outside Europe (yes, I have a lot of readers overside Europe and Norway). I do not know how much work you have done in this car and without any spesifications. But it does not matter; everyone can see that this is platina!

I really hope to see this car once again sometimes. Nils lives outside Kiel in Germany and he has invited me to a busmeeting there next spring (2012). I think that it should be possible to go to Germany. But let's talk about it later on.

Lokk at the pictures! Nice, eh?!?!?!?

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